About Grisi & Budde

Your Goal. Our Mission.

What will your post-divorce life look like?

Here is how we will help you answer that question:

  1. We will meet with you and listen to you, learn your story, and find out how you got here.
  2. We will work with you to craft a divorce strategy to lead you toward your ideal post-divorce life.
  3. Our team will work diligently through the divorce process to achieve the best possible result in helping you reach your ideal post-divorce life with as little pain and drama as possible.

Take the first step and meet with us. Call (330) 535-8171 or click the button below to schedule consultation with one of our attorneys.

Why Choose Us

Divorce is what we do every day. We have worked cases across the spectrum – from settling cases in a matter of weeks to taking cases through an appeal after trial. We haven’t seen it all (life never ceases to amaze), but we’ve seen 99% of it.


We understand that this is your story. This is your life. We believe it is our job to provide you with the information you need to make the best decisions you can to shape your own future. You make the decision, and then we work to make your decision a reality.


We do our best to take the pain out of your divorce. We don’t schedule office meetings when a phone call will suffice. We have a live person answering our phones instead of a phone tree or answering service. You can sign documents online using HelloSign. Pay your bills online. Schedule appointments and phone calls online any time you want using Calendly. Access your important documents through our client portal. Message us on Twitter and Facebook if needed.


We have had clients who lived in Georgia, Oklahoma, Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas, South Carolina, Iowa, and even Alaska. We know how to get the job done in the 21st century. You do not have to be in our office to receive top class representation.