Child Support Analysis Fee Agreement

By entering your name in the form below and clicking the “I Agree” button, you (“the Client”) agree to the following terms:

FEE FOR LEGAL SERVICES: $149 flat fee, paid by credit card. This fee shall be considered earned upon receipt and shall only be refundable if no work is performed by Grisi & Budde (“the Firm”). The Firm will not perform any work on your matter until you submit payment to the firm on the next page.

SERVICES PROVIDED BY THE FIRM: The Firm agrees to provide the following legal services to the Client:

  1. Calculation of the monthly guideline child support obligation under Ohio child support laws effective March 28, 2019, using the information provided by client and the information provided to date under the Ohio Administrative Code for the new child support guidelines;
  2. A written analysis identifying possible deviations from the guideline amounts and the rationale for such possible deviations;
  3. A child support worksheet containing the information provided by the Client;
  4. If a current child support order is in place, a written opinion identifying whether your current child support is subject to modification based upon the 10% rule for modification or other change of circumstances based on the information provided by the Client.

LIMITATION OF REPRESENTATION: The Firm shall represent the Client only as stated above and only for the limited purpose of providing the Client with a written child support analysis and worksheet. Unless explicitly agreed in a separate, written fee agreement, the Firm will not file any paperwork or documents in any court of law, and the Firm will not make any court appearances representing the Client in any court of law. The Firm’s representation shall terminate immediately upon the transmission of the written analysis to the Client at the email address provided by the Client.

CLIENT RESPONSIBILITY: You, the Client, agree to provide all financial information, case information, family information, and case documentation that the Firm requests in a timely fashion. The Firm cannot provide an accurate child support estimate and written analysis without the appropriate information from you. An email identifying and requesting the essential information and documentation will be sent to you within two business days of placing your order.

NO GUARANTEE: No attorney can predict what the outcome of your case would be if the case were decided by a judge or administrative agency. The Firm is providing a legal opinion to the Client. The guideline child support calculation, written analysis and written opinion are the Firm’s opinion, and do not guarantee the outcome of your case if you file for a modification of your child support order. We will provide the best legal opinion we can based upon our knowledge of the law, experience in the courts of Ohio, and information provided by the Client.

CONFLICT OF INTEREST: After you submit your contact information and the name of the opposing party in your child support case, the Firm will check the names against our client list to determine if there is a conflict of interest. If the Firm discovers a conflict of interest, your payment will be refunded to you immediately and we will delete all information you have provided to our firm except for your name, email address, mailing address, and phone number.

REFUND POLICY: Refunds will be issued if a cancellation of your order is requested within 24 hours of placing the order. Once the Firm’s personnel have started processing the financial information and case information provided by you to calculate your guideline child support amount, refunds will no longer be available.


By entering your name into the form below and clicking “I Agree”, you indicate your understanding that the Firm has not made any promises or guarantees to you about the outcome or result of your child support matter. 

By signing below, you agree that you had an opportunity to review this Agreement and fully understand the terms of this Agreement before entering into this Agreement.

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