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What will your life look like after divorce?

  1. We will meet with you and listen to you, learn your story, and find out how you got here.
  2. We will work with you to craft a divorce strategy to lead you toward your ideal post-divorce life.
  3. Our team will work diligently through the divorce process to achieve the best possible result in helping you reach your ideal post-divorce live with as little pain and drama as possible.

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Guenna Bolinger

Divorce is hard, but you can do this.

Will I get to see my kids? Will I lose my business? How much will spousal support be? How much for child support? Will I have to sell my house? What happens to my retirement accounts?


Divorce opens up a whole world of uncertainty. But it will be ok.


We’re here to help. To speak up for you. Fight for you. To guide you to your new life.


We can answer your questions and give you the information you need to map out your path to the other side of divorce. It’s our mission to make sure our clients should be fully informed about the law, their case, the opposing counsel, and their options so they can make the best choices for themselves and their children.

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How much does divorce cost?

It’s one question every client has. Most lawyers will give you the lawyer’s go-to answer: “It depends.” Or maybe they’ll tell you “Between $5,000 and $75,000.” And some attorneys will just just dodge the question entirely, telling you they need a retainer “to get started.” But that’s just to get started. They won’t tell you what the final bill will be.


These answers aren’t good enough. Clients deserve better. So we’re changing the way our clients pay for divorce. We’re giving our clients the option of saying bye-bye to the billable hour to give our clients predictability and certainty in their divorce cases and in their budget.


Clients can choose between the traditional model, and be billed based on hours worked on their case, or they can choose the fixed fee model, with all the benefits that brings.

How Fixed Fee Divorce works:

  • You will have a fixed monthly payment between $750 and $3500 per month for attorney fees, depending on your specific case. We will set this amount at the beginning of your case and it will not change. Two months’ payment is due at the initiation of the case (similar to first month’s and last month’s rent).
  • We will charge you additional fixed payments for the following actions in your case:
    • $3,000 for depositions of the parties, due 14 days before the deposition date
    • $2,000 for each additional deposition (experts, etc.)
    • $2,500 for any evidentiary hearings before trial (e.g. contempt hearings)
    • $5,000 – $7,500 per day of scheduled trial depending on your case, due 14 days before the settlement conference, or 30 days before trial.
  • Costs and expenses of litigation are not included. Some examples of litigation costs and expenses are are filing fees, fees for court reporters and transcripts, fees from banks for subpoenas, GAL fees, and expert witness fees. These expenses are for third parties and will billed separately as they arise in your case.

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Stop stressing about what you don't know. Stop living with uncertainty.

Schedule an in-office consultation to have all of your questions answered by one of our experienced divorce attorneys. Learn about the divorce process, find out what your support payments will be, what your visitation is likely to look like, and whether you’ll be able to stay in your house or if you’ll have to move.


Consultations are a flat $275 for a 60-90 minute meeting with one of our attorneys.

So long as the focal point of law firms’ profitability is premised on the number of hours spent advising clients, their motivation will always tend to be to spend more rather than less time on the work, where the clients will prefer precisely the contrary… . At worst, hourly billing can tempt lawyers to dishonesty. At best, it is an institutional disincentive to efficiency.