Need to know what your Ohio child support will be?

Want to know if you are eligible for a child support modification in Ohio?

We can help.

 An attorney at Grisi & Budde will provide you with an estimated guideline child support amount based on the information you provide to us, along with a brief legal analysis of your situation and potential issues regarding your specific case, directly from one of our attorneys.

The Process

  1. Sign our fee agreement online and pay through the website. The fee for the service is $149. That is about half of the cost of our standard consultation fee.
  2. Fill out an information form online.
    • After you sign up, we will email an online form to you, containing approximately 30 information items for you to complete.
  3. Answer any additional questions we have.
    • Our staff will contact you via telephone or email to gather any additional or missing information needed to provide an accurate child support calculation.
  4. Receive your Child Support Worksheet and Analysis.

We will email you a copy of the Ohio Child Support Worksheet with your information, and a letter from one of our Attorneys with your child support analysis.


Your Ohio

Child support analysis will include:



1.         A calculation of the monthly Ohio guideline child support obligation under the Ohio child support guidelines, including the Ohio guideline child support worksheet (required to be attached to decrees of divorce or dissolution).



2.         A written analysis identifying possible deviations or adjustments from the guideline amounts.



3.         A written opinion identifying whether your current child support is subject to modification based upon the 10% rule or other change of circumstances based on the information provided by the Client.




If you wish to calculate your child support yourself, you can use the Ohio Child Support Calculator or the new Ohio Child Support Guideline Manual to determine your child support under the new Ohio child support formulas.




Even though these free resources are available, calculating child support in Ohio can be complicated, particularly for people with children from a previous relationship, split parenting, child care expenses, health insurance expenses, income in excess of the guideline amounts, etc. The Child Support Guideline Manual is 30 pages long.




But you do not have to do this yourself. Let our experienced attorneys do the work for you!

Are you eligible for a Child Support Modification?



In Ohio, child support can be modified if:



  • there is a substantial change of
    circumstance in either party’s financial situation or living situation, OR
  • due to a change of income or other circumstances,
    the new amount of guideline child support constitutes an increase or decrease
    of 10% or more from the current order.



This means
that if you want to know if you qualify for a modification of child support,
you need to calculate what your child support will look like using the new
financial numbers for you and the other parent.