Paralegal-Assisted Dissolution

A DIY+ dissolution service available to all Ohio residents.

All your dissolution documents prepared by Ohio lawyers for only $1,500.

If you and your spouse have agreed to everything regarding your divorce or dissolution and you just need to complete the court papers in order to get your dissolution filed and completed – you’ve come to the right place.


Get professional assistance in completing your DIY dissolution for a reasonable fee. Your documents will be prepared by our law firm staff and fully reviewed by one of our divorce attorneys before we send them to you for signature and filing. Having us prepare your forms reduces the chances of costly mistakes in your agreements (such as failing to reserve jurisdiction to modify) and reduces the number of trips you have to make to the courthouse because of missing documents or papers.


After working with our firm, you will have all the documents you need to file your DIY dissolution in Ohio and move on with your life. This service is one of the “do-it-yourself plus” services we provide to Ohio residents working to terminate their marriages simply and efficiently on their own terms.


How it works:

  1. Talk with your spouse and determine what the terms of your dissolution will be. We recommend downloading our Dissolution Checklist to make sure you have reached an agreement on all the necessary terms for a full dissolution.
  2. Fill in the necessary financial affidavits we will provide to you. 
  3. Communicate with our staff to submit all the information and completed forms our firm needs to draft your dissolution documents.
  4. Prior to final submission of all documents to the client, one of our divorce attorneys will review the Petition for Dissolution, Shared Parenting Plan, Separation Agreement, and other required documents for a final sign-off before delivery.
  5. Review the documents with your spouse before signing. If your spouse requests any changes, we can revise the documents prior to final signature.
  6. You will then be responsible for signing all the documents, having them notarized, and filing the dissolution papers with the court. Both you and your spouse will have to sign the documents.
  7. You and your spouse will then attend the final hearing at the courthouse to finalize your dissolution. If you have children, the court may also require both you and your spouse to attend a parenting class prior to the final hearing.

NOTE: This DIY Dissolution package is a limited-scope representation and does not include any court appearances by our attorneys, or any negotiations with opposing counsel.



We charge a flat fee of $1,500 for our paralegal dissolution service.


This fee does not include filing fees charged by the court, which you will have to pay at the courthouse. If you are going to divide your retirement accounts, there may also be additional fees to third-parties in order to prepare the court orders to divide you or your spouse’s retirement account.


Who is this service for?

The Paralegal-Assisted Dissolution  is Ideal for:
  • Couples who can work together toward a resolution.
  • Couples who have reviewed and agreed to terms that address all the issues identified in our Dissolution Checklist.
  • Couples who do not have complex assets to divide
  • Couples who do not have any issues co-parenting their children.

Our paralegal-assisted dissolution package is for couples who have agreed to everything regarding their dissolution, but want to have their Dissolution documents prepared by divorce professionals.