Senior Attorney Dissolution

This Package is Ideal For:

  • Clients with a combined household income in excess of $150,000 per year.
  • Clients whose net worth exceeds $1 million.
  • Clients who own their own business or businesses;
  • Clients who have significant investment portfolios;
  • Clients with complex executive compensation packages, such as stock options, restricted stock units, deferred compensation, and phantom income.

Clients opting for this package will have their dissolution personally handled by one of Grisi & Budde’s senior attorneys with over 10 years of family law experience. All significant client communications, legal negotiations, and documentation will be handled by our senior attorney, providing our highest quality service backed by years of legal experience and analysis.

*Does not include filing fees or other costs of litigation. Limited to Ohio residents living in Summit, Stark, Portage, and Medina Counties.

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